Rvvup’s foundational team united in the summer of 2021 - a growing team of global payments builders and innovators, alumni from Braintree, PayPal, Ripple, Square, Airbnb, Fiserv, Depop, Virgin Money, Ocado and Zoopla. We believe payments is entering a new paradigm where traditional finance is meeting Web3 and the future of finance, and that these will coexist for years to come.

The challenge and the opportunity is to bridge these very different worlds, and build the interoperability to enable all three generational payments use cases. Consumer trends show that all three generations will soon have material market share. Businesses want to cater to these changes in order to optimise conversion and revenues, however, in doing so are forced to take on significant technical complexity and operational overhead.

Until now.

Rvvup is building the world’s first payments platform that will support all three generational payments use cases across CeFi and DeFi, so that people will have the choice to pay with their cards, Apple Pay, bank account or Buy Now Pay Later, and also have the ability to pay with their preferred cryptocurrencies, stablecoins or CBDCs. Businesses will be able to grow their revenues by supporting all three generational payment methods, and reduce their costs by removing the pain of multiple integrations and fragmented reporting.

- David Nunn, Founder & CEO