Rvvup launches Payment Links — The Paypers
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Pay by Card & Pay by Bank
Instant payments anywhere
Improve cashflow & grow your business faster using Rvvup Pay Links. No integration needed—simply create a request, share with customers & get paid.
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Instant payments via
Instant payments via
SMS & Email
Instant payments via
Xero Invoice etc.
Instant payments via
Social Media
75% of Pay Link purchases are completed within 1 day
Monthly costs
0.50% + 20p
How it works
  1. Create a payment request
  2. Share link or QR code with your customers where they are — social media, invoice, accounting software, email, SMS, WhatsApp or in-person
  3. Access funds instantly once paid
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No integration required
Instant settlement & refunds
Beautiful user experience
Safe & secure
Automated fraud prevention
Biometric/bank-grade security
Multi-factor authentication
Cost effective
Save up to 80% on fees
No failed transaction fees
No costly chargebacks
We support all types of business

Therapists, artists, musicians, florists, hairdressers and other professionals.

Trade professionals

Builders, plumbers, electricians, maintenance, cleaners and more.

Member organisations

Accept memberships and other fees. via any channel or in-person QR code.

Coaching & Classes

Simplify your existing billing process. Let your clients pay for classes, sessions, and services with specific, bespoke pricing. No need to deal with physical cash or lengthy account details and slow bank transfers.

Made to Order

Payment links are an easy way for businesses that supply home decor, building materials and other tailored services-to-order to request varying partial and full payments.

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What are payment links?

A payment link is a web link or URL that allows individuals or businesses to request and receive payments from customers or clients. These links don’t require an e-commerce solution and can process payments securely online with an anywhere checkout. A seller can simply create a payment link for the amount they want to charge and share the link via invoices, email, SMS, WhatsApp and other digital channels. Buyers can click the link and are taken to a secure web page checkout where they can make their payment.

Do I need a website to use payment links?

No, there’s no need for a website to use payment links. Payment links are a versatile tool for receiving payments online and can be used independently of having a website. They are often used as a standalone solution, making it easy for individuals and businesses to collect payments without the need for a full e-commerce website.

Which payment methods are available?

Most payment link services provide one form of payment method e.g. card or open banking payments. However, Rvvup Pay Links allows sellers to take card payments and Pay by Bank (Open Banking) payments.

What are the benefits of Rvvup Pay Links?

1) Cost Savings: businesses can reduce fees significantly by allowing customers to pay directly via the link with Pay by Bank, saving up to 80% in fees.

2) Immediate Start: no need for any integration to a website, shopping cart, or point-of-sale system. Payment Links can be instantly shared via the most relevant channels including email, WhatsApp, SMS, accounting software, invoices and more. This can be particularly useful for businesses requesting payment of invoices.

3) Enhanced Security: security concerns are minimised as Rvvup Pay Links process orders securely, ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive payment data.

Are payment links secure?

Yes. Rvvup uses the latest technology to process orders securely, ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive payment data.

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