Rvvup launches Payment Links — The Paypers
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Current & future payment methods
Easily switch preferred payment methods on/off and re-order them in the checkout page all from Rvvup's single interface.
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Rvvup's cutting-edge technology and interface has been designed to future-proof online payments without the complexity
With just one application and one simple integration, use Rvvup's interface to easily add, switch on and change the order of payment methods — which can include Pay by Bank, Debit & Credit Cards, PayPal, Buy Now Pay Later plus accept payments in digital currencies — optimising what works best for buyers.
Rvvup maintains the highest industry standards in secure payments and encrypted data transfer, mitigating fraud and security risk
Rvvup's unique intuitive purchase journey helps guide customers to buy with the latest payment methods, driving conversion and saving 80% or more on processing fees.
Rvvup's cutting-edge technology & interface is designed to future-proof online payments, without complexity.
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What our customers are saying

"Having integrated many different payment gateways into a vast number of websites over the years, I can happily say that the Rvvup process is by far the quickest and simplest."

"This is the best UX and UI I have ever seen from a payments solution"

"Their integration was seamless, they actively look for better solutions and they are growing their offering. I would highly recommend contacting them and seeing what they have available."