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Pay by Bank

Rvvup Pay by Bank, also known as Pay by Bank App or Account-to-Account Payments, is a cutting-edge payment method that facilitates seamless and secure transactions directly from a customer's bank account to a merchant's (e.g. an e-commerce website) account.

Unlike traditional payment methods that rely on credit or debit cards, Pay by Bank leverages the real-time payments infrastructure, enabling instant fund transfers.

The mechanism behind Pay by Bank is remarkably straightforward. When making a purchase, customers are given the option to select Pay by Bank at the checkout. They can then choose their bank from a list of participating financial institutions.

Afterward, customers are directed to their trusted banking app or mobile banking service to authorise the transaction using secure authentication methods such as biometrics or PIN.

Once confirmed, the funds are instantaneously transferred from the customer's bank account to the merchant's account, completing the transaction in real-time.

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